Oh shoot, we lost the domain!! ha ha ha..

This is pretty classic. Don’t pay your bill, don’t get to keep the domain: although as of today 11/21/14, Their website is pretty direct in attempting to demystify the Conspiracy.



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New track released today!

Recorded in 2011 at Bob Lang studios engineered and mixed by Spencer Dahl, mastered by Mel Detmer Pictures in slide show taken over the last few years from Ken Roder, Sara Sokolowski, Michael Profitt and other great friends.

Besides welcoming a baby panda into the world, a lot of unbelievable events happened that prevented us from releasing this or doing much of anything lately. We have decided this song really needs to be heard so we are sharing it with you now! Also, for the record we are not dead – just in deep hibernation.  Let us know what you think of the new track. Thanks for listening!

Have you heard Mts. & Tunnels yet? Do check us out and perhaps “like” us on facebook. This is my new band that TJ has been helping produce. We have an album release show September 19th at the Tractor Tavern. We will perform a cover of this song that night…  Also playing are the fantastic Yogoman Burning Band and Day Laborers and the Petty Intellectuals.

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New Projects

Time is flying by. I can’t believe winter 2012 is upon us in full effect. It’s been quite a while since the last Panda show but so much has been happening! I started a new rock band  called Mtns. & Tunnels. I play guitar and sing in this band and TJ has been helping produce the record. It’s sounding great and due out this year! Have you heard our bassist Sandy Dickerson’s Uke project? He’s been creating some real sweet music and has become quite the aficionado on the Ukelele!  I’ve also been doing some international touring playing keys and horns with Publsih the Quest. Good times, Onward and upward!  As far as Panda Con, we are officially taking a break due to a combination of health and personal reasons. I would love to do another album and some more touring but can’t say when that will be. It’s been real!


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Meltdown this weekend!

It’s true. No full on Panda madness at this years Summer Meltdown Festival But thats no reason to be sad!! We are excited to announce that members of Panda will be there performing throughout the weekend.

Saturday night (Sunday actually) 1:30 am catch Chris Poage on the Village stage performing solo on guitar. Also on that bill is Olivia De La Cruz and Michael Gonzalez.

Later on that same morning. . .11am catch Panda’s bassist turned Uke player Sandy Dickerson on the beer garden stage. Good times! See you at MELTDOWN!!!

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Seattle Pridefest today.

Capitol Hill Pride fest is today! If you’ve never been you’re missing out! It really is a festival for everyone. There’s great food, music and vendors all up and down Broadway.. and… Its Free!

Performing on the Vajara Stage located at Republican & Broadway at 1:45 this afternoon.

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Lost Gonzo Band

Lost Gonzo band (mid 70's)

Never heard of this group? If you were not born in the 50′s you probably wouldn’t have. The only reason we know about them is because of TJ’s crazy vinyl collection. After doing a little digging, I’ve come to find there may be more to the Lost Gonzo band then meets the eye.

This group of Robbie Robertson inspired Texans performed at Austin City Limits 3 times in their 40+ year career. Not to mention a set at Willie Nelson’s now infamous 2nd Annual 4th of July Picnic!  With names like Jerry Jeff Walker and Michael Martin Murphey, (Now a member of the Texas country music hall of fame!) you know they’ve gotta be good!

To make a long story short Panda Conspiracy will be covering one of their songs at next weekends Brewers festival at St. Edwards Park. The tune is called Wilderness off of their 1976 Thrills album. The song has an elusive reggae feel to it blended with great lyrics and sweet changes. To me this song is a clue in understanding why Bob Marley choose to mix his brand of reggae with Texas studio musician John “rabbit” Bundrick just 3 years earlier on the album Catch-A-Fire. Apparently American country musicians were listening to reggae in the early 70′s and were more open minded then most people think! But don’t bother rushing to download a copy or searching for a youtube version of it online. . .It doesn’t exist! It’s crazy that such a piece of history is not online in a digitally download-able form!

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Don’t miss it!

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Full on tilt shift!

Yes, this is a real street corner and Yes those are real people! This  is called Tilt Shift photography. Good friend Ken Roeder divulged the secretes of this technique to me the other day. He explained how it was possible to make your own tilt shifted lens as an alternative to spending $1500 for a manufactured one. The best part is that you can use this lens on video cameras as well! As I work on the music video to the Panda Conspiracy song Cherry Tree.. my brain is rushed with ideas and concepts for the future. For a six and a half foot tall person such as myself, the thought of looking miniature is quite enticing!

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new new new!

Were back, new shows added, lots more to come, new songs, new website, new album this year, new new new. See you around!!!

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We’re here for you!

In physics, radiation describes any process in which energy travels through a medium or through space, ultimately to be absorbed by another body. Non-physicists often associate the word ionizing radiation (e.g., as occurring in nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors, and radioactive substances), but it can also refer to electromagnetic radiation (i.e., radio waves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, and X-rays) which can also be ionizing radiation, to acoustic radiation, or to other more obscure processes. Panda Conspiracy is working harder than ever to contain this energy and provide you with standards upon standards leaving you feeling safe and secure in one of our mobile containment units.

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